Student Clubs

Gazi University has 150 student clubs, and our faculty members provide consultancy to 4 of these clubs. Our clubs are listed below. Click to get information about other communities.

Faculty of Technology İnşaat (Construction) Club

In order to contribute academic and technological development of the students who are educated in the Faculty of Technology, Department of Civil Engineering carrying out projects with Turkey to the National Agency, TUBITAK, and the of Ministry environment Urbanism, the following events will be organized:

• Organizing seminars and conferences with people and companies who have proven themselves in the sector and have high knowledge in order to increase knowledge of the department students about their profession and to follow the developments in the construction sector closely,

• Participating in fairs and exhibitions in and out of the city for students to follow the innovations and developments in the construction sector and to closely monitor new building materials and systems,

• Keeping students up to date with innovations and developments in the construction sector and closely following new building materials and systems and organizing technical trips to factories and construction sites in and outside the city to see the construction or application process of these materials and systems on-site,

• To provide students to gain the habit of project writing through organizations that will encourage students to write projects.

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Club Academic Leader

Assoc. Prof. Dr. Mustafa ÖZER

Club Head


Gazi University Genç Yeşilay (Youth Green Crescent) Club

The primary goal of our community is to create a healthy individual and society and to continue the “Green Crescent Fight Against Addictions” ideal, which started in 1920, within our University. To determine the effects of smoking, alcohol, and drugs on an individual (human health), social (public health), and economic (economic cost of drugs, etc.). The effects of drugs on the general legacy and cooperation with institutions that fight in this sense in Turkey and the world. To do joint projects symposiums, panels, conferences with related institutions in Turkey and the world. Find speakers and academicians who are experts in their field and establishing a dialogue.

To establish camps within the scope of the project. To organize orientations, meetings, and workshops in the camps.

To publish e-magazines.

To encourage our friends to write articles.

To prepare projects to encourage quitting smoking. Seeing the dramatic lives of addicted people and make participants watched with slide/video or creating social awareness with a theater.

To organize competitions in scenarios, stories, poems, folk songs about disasters of smoking, alcohol, or drugs.

To hold a student congress.

To do an International activity.

To promote Healthy Living. Planning activities that will reinforce the importance of human life.

To examine the activities that will raise the awareness of young people in our country and abroad and fit the suitable studies to our school in terms of the texture of our university.

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Club Academic Leader

Prof. Dr. Seyhan FIRAT

Club Head



Faculty of Technology Entrepreneurship and Communication Society

Entrepreneurship is a highly effective process where determining which sector will be profitable and efficient and the areas that carry the entrepreneur to the future. Establishing effective communication within the scope of this process is important as it facilitates determining which sectors to focus on. We aim to help our members to improve their own sectors, to create awareness around them with the social responsibility projects they undertake, and to contribute to the development of our members. In addition, it is one of our main goals to ensure that our members communicate effectively with our conferences, where we will host participants from important names of the media platform. In line with this purpose, our club regularly organizes conferences with leading names in their fields every year, helping students to get to know their profession more closely and to organize trips to various conferences to meet different people and improve their knowledge.

Club Academic Leader

Asst. Prof. Dr.  Ahmet GÖKDEMİR

Club Head


Faculty of Technology Idealist Engineers Society

Our community aims;

- To provide free software courses in our school by contacting volunteers who provide training on engineering software so that engineering students in our faculty can study and work on the software they will use in their professional life.

- To organize competitions on engineering among students, to give a motivating prize to the winners. To strengthen the dialogue between students and Professors by choosing the jury of the competition from our faculty.

- To organize project competitions. To select the jury from the professors of the relevant department. Using programs such as AutoCAD and SolidWorks to organize competitions in which the designated project is requested to be drawn within the specified time.

- To implement the event workshop application. To ensure that students who are good on a subject, teach the students who want to be informed. In that way, both they strengthen their expression skills and other students gain knowledge on that subject.

- To implement the project unit. To support our students who have a certain initiative, project idea, and to ensure that this project reaches the relevant authorities.


Club Academic Leader

Asst. Prof. Dr. Kürşat YILDIZ

Club Head



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