Graduation Project






Clause 1:

In the "Graduation Project" course, it is aimed that students design a complex system, system component, or a process by using the knowledge and skills they have acquired in previous courses. In line with this purpose, it is aimed that students gain the skills of practicing, designing a project, implementing and presenting all these in written and oral form by conducting theoretical, application-based, or experimental studies on a specified project topic.


Clause 2:

The execution of the “INM-450 Graduation Project” course in our department in accordance with the “Graduation Project Execution Directive” was accepted at the meeting of the Department Academic Board on 03.11.2015. According to this decision, the directive is taken into consideration by all faculty members and students in determining, conducting, and evaluating study subjects within the scope of the “INM 450 - Graduation Project” course in our department. This directive is executed by the Department Head.


Clause 3:

At the beginning of the 6th semester, 3rd grade students fill in the "Graduation Project Request Form" between the dates specified by the Department Head on the Department Web Page and request the field of study and / or advisory faculty member they want to work with. Students who do not submit their request forms to the Department Head between the specified dates cannot take the "INM-450 Graduation Project" course.

Clause 4:

The project advisors of the students are announced to the students on the web page of the department within the 6th semester by the Department Head, taking into account their study field/advisor choice and opinions of the faculty members. After the advisors of the students are announced, they are required to make a meeting with their advisor as soon as possible (without waiting for the course selection period), determine the project topics, and plan the project process.

Clause 5:

Graduation Project can be done individually or as a group, upon the request of the students and the advisor’s approval. Students can suggest a project topic individually or as a group in line with the purpose of the lesson. If the proposed topic is found appropriate by the advisor, the student/student team can make a graduation project work on the proposed subject. In case of an application on the same subject, the student/student team making the first application is taken into consideration.

Clause 6:

Graduation project topics determined by the advisor can be technical design studies or experimental research subjects that require a practical application, or research topics where students can increase their theoretical knowledge at an academic level. For study subjects that require design, students can design a stand-alone system or design a system component.


Clause 7:

The graduation project is instructed under the responsibility of the advisor faculty member from the moment that advisors are assigned to students until the end of the semester in which the course is given. The advisor monitors the progress of the student in the project work through regular meetings held during the class hours and/or outside the class hours and provides the necessary guidance.


Clause 8:

Students will present their projects before a jury of faculty members. The jury consists of at least three faculty members. The juries that will be established with more than three people will consist of an odd number (e.g., five people, seven people). The Project Advisor is the full member of the jury. The jury member with a high academic title is appointed as the head of the jury. If there is more than one jury member with a high academic title, the most senior member is appointed as the Head of the Jury. In other cases, the project advisor is the head of the jury.

The jury and oral presentation dates, where each student/student team will make a presentation, are determined by the Department Head within the semester of the course and announced to the students in the ways specified in Clause 3. All juries and oral presentation dates set up in the department are notified to the faculty members via EDMS and e-mail.

In addition, all academic staff and all students in the department are invited to oral presentations. Oral presentations are made open to all department students (faculty students) and academic staff. If the head of the jury deems it appropriate, he/she can give the right to ask questions to the participants other than the jury members.

Clause 9:

The graduation project must be written in accordance with the project writing rules on the web page of Gazi University Faculty of Technology Department of Civil Engineering. Students must submit 3 copies of their projects to the project advisor at least one week before the jury date. Students who do not deliver their projects on time are considered "unsuccessful" in the graduation project course. Students who fail the graduation project take this course again next year.

Clause 10:

The graduation project is graded by considering the written project document that is submitted by the student/student team at the end of the term and the oral presentation that is made before the jury. Each of the jury members grades separately for the oral presentation and the submitted project document. The average grades of the students are calculated by taking 50% of the grade given by each jury member for the project document and 50% of the grade given for oral presentation given by that jury member. The student's ultimate grade is calculated by taking the arithmetic average of the grade given by the jury members.

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